General hint for Cubase in comb. with external devices, e.g. ext. harddrives

Hi guys,
I just had a severe problem with CB Pro 10.5.
The Programm Start took over 4 minutes just to get to the Steinberg Hub and another 20 ( in words twenty!) minutes to start a project I was working on.
Finally it was a lately connected external 1Tb SSD harddrive via USB3.
After disconnecting this piece of hardware, which was originally purchased for CB backups, CB worked like a Charme.
Just to let you know… :wink:


Is the 1TB SSD scanned through by MediaBay?

Good question!
I didn´t look in the MediaBay since I didn´t save any Cubase-related stuff there so there was no need to check.
I run an older SSD, also with no Cubaserelated stuff.
I´ll have a lokk at it!