General Impressions/Experience - Cubase 7

Aside from a few extremely minor annoyances I must say my Cubase 7 experience thus far has been terrific. From my perspective, and given the manner in which I tend to work with a mixer, the new mix console is wonderful. My Cubase 6.5 projects have had no problems in Cubase 7 and overall I sense greater stability in 7 than 6.5 although I cannot quantify the improvements specifically. I am probably one of the oldest users in the community (52) and I have been involved in music technology for over thirty years now. I am amazed at the magic that these software engineers have conjured. To me it is the metaphorical equivalent of crossing the Atlantic in a ship versus a Concorde. Allow me to extend my heartfelt gratitude and respect to the Steinberg team.


I feel the same way, and I’m older than you so…anyway :wink:, I upgraded from 6.5 to C7 and everything seems fine, all saved 6.5 preferences work in C7 as well as all the presets etc. which I’ve tried so far. It does seem to be a bit heavier on the resources than C6 but is manageable here, especially with help from UAD.

One thing I would like to have fixed is, make the channel gain adjustable with the mouse wheel, preferably in small increments :exclamation: .


that mean’s im the baby of the bunch (only 48) :mrgreen:

i agree completely , for what we can now achieve with computer technology is truly amazing and the way steinberg have grown their cubase product is truly mind blowing , if anyone had said to me back in 1989 that we will be capable of doing what we are now all i would of said is POPPYC OCK …

Every day without fail cubase amazes me with something new , weather its another trick ,tip or just tweaking the enjoyment steinberg has brought me in 23 years can’t really be explained … anyway
c7 is absolutly stable as hell here and apart from the minor workable glitches its the start of the next generation of daw . 6.5 projects open up with no issues at all …bloody marvelous steiny keep in up old bean !

Pffttt, young whipper snappers :stuck_out_tongue: .

Ah, I gotta ask after reading this, when you say you can open a 6.5 project in C7, does this leave you with the C6.5 project window or does it convert it to the C7 project window, C7 mixer and all?

bar a few minor changes the project window is exactly the same as 6.5 so no worries there at all and yes it changes the mixer to the new c7 with all indate plungin’s , im very impressed as one 6.5 project i was doing has a very complex tempo arrangment and i opened in c7 exactly how it was in 6.5 but with the new mixer of course :wink:

I got my upgrade box last Monday, and I have been running Cubase 7 since that day.
I tried a lot of older projects (with a lot of plugins), and so far everything is running nicely.

I did encountered only one weird problem. If I use Cubase 7 64bit and load a project with a lot of softsynths, I sometimes get a short hiccup the first time some synths generate a sound. After that short hiccup the synth plays smoothly. Not really a problem, because it only happens when using a synth for the first time after a fresh computer (re)boot. It does not happen with Cubase 7 32 bit, and once those synths are used in Cubase 7 32bit they are running smooth in Cubase 7 64 bit. As I said - no biggie…

I am very impressed with Cubase 7. I really like the new lay-out and especially the mixer. I always was a bit annoyed by the fixed size of the old mixer, and think the scalability of the new mixer is a big improvement.

I am still testing Cubase 7, but the experience has been smooth so far. I think -for me- the money for this update is well spend. Now - back to do some more testing…

One thing I would like to have fixed is, make the channel gain adjustable with the mouse wheel, preferably in small increments .

actually its really dangerous. just a small move of a mouse can explode your speakers and ears,
you can fine adjust with shift key modifier but it really needs to be somehow more “safe”.

and C7 is really great just some updates to fix things and some requested features and it rocks :sunglasses:

I agree. There are a few things that still need tweaking, but the improvements are fantastic.

Ok, make it very small increments :wink: .


Projects aren’t converted in this case, they are the same for both versions and work in either application regardless of where they were created, which is different from past treatment of project files.

I like the new look and feel of the program, but I gotta be honest, I’m totally disappointed with the VST Connect SE functions, for me producing with a lot of other people in different cities or countries even, I had a totally different idea about Steinbergs way of “working together on a project” than Steinberg obviously has, there is NO way to work together in one project, you can only record someone else his voice or instrument and that’s it!

How do you mean working together on a project?

Me and my co-producing friends thought there would be a way now to sync a project in realtime, so I add an audiotrack and that will appear in the screen of my friends project. He makes a change with a melody and I will see and hear the change, that’s what we call “working together on a project” !!!

This is for us an overall huge disappointment, since it was the main reason for us to upgrade immediately and get on producing tracks together straight away instead of meeting once in a while or syncing projects over and over using Dropbox.

I think we all hope this will be the next level for Cubase, since the whole Connect SE part just applies to mixing engineers or producers that want to control everything themselves and just invite an artist to do their thing.
We produce EDM tracks and we all want hands on buttons and create something from scratch to a final product together!

Have you looked into DigitalMusican?

No, wasn’t familiar with that software, but am checking it as we speak! ( Do hope Steinberg will intergrate this feature in the future asap! )

edit Just installed the vst version of the software, but it doesn’t do what I want it to do, so still no sollution, this program only gives you the option to send audiofiles, but still doesn’t manage to actually share a CPR file with 2 people…

Hey, that’s interesting news to me, thanks! Might just win me over to get C7 earlier than planned - which was not anytime soon…

Not if you have a limiter on your master bus.

Thanks for the info on the C6 project dropped into C7, good news to me. :smiley:

So far the experience is very good. The channel strip is awesome, only the transient strip gets a little picky when used (giving a very snappy click sound).

I do experience a lot of crashes but they are 90% of the time due to vst below version 2.4 and vst bridge problems following. I use the Win 7 64bit & c7 64bit, its really hard to say goodbye to the old vst 2.3 /2/2 plugs as I find for some there aren’t replacebles.

Nuendo is your friend.

I’m well older than you. It’s a myth that modern production technology is for the young. It’s totally wasted on them.