General instability.

Hi All.

I’m finding Nuendo 8.1 really unstable at the moment. I’ve just finished tracking a band project and for the first time ever I had audio dropouts and breaks in recording. Since Nuendo 1 I’ve never experienced this. My RME Raydat/RME drivers/Nuendo setup has always been bulletproof.

Unloading large VSTi’s (especially Spectrasonics) causes a crash. There seems to be an issue with Spectrasonics - more so than with other VSTi’s.

Disabling tracks where you have Autotune as an insert causes a crash.

There seems to be a major issue with RAM at the moment. I’m not sure if this is a Windows 10 problem or a Steinberg problem. (I have a fresh installation of W10)

It’s the first time in a while that I’ve done a band project (been mixing projects like The Voice for the last while). I’ve just built a fairly big new studio and the weak link in the chain was Nuendo. Its always been so solid, but during the cleaning up of this live project it’s been so unpredictable. I’m back to saving constantly.

I am a complete Nuendo devotee, but I’m a little concerned at the moment. Is anyone else having a similar experience?


Have you tried the latest update?

It seems that Nuendo is working well for most people, it was just Direct Offline Processing that caused some issues (unrelated to the ones you’re having), but most of them should have been fixed in the update above.

If the update above doesn’t well for you, you can revert back to Nuendo 8.1 by using Window’s “Programs and Features”. Click “View installed updates”.

Yip, I’m running the latest update (just updated my signature).

Everything else seems to be fine for post stuff. It’s the ‘music’ side of things that seems a little wobbly here at the moment.

Thanks for your advice. Much appreciated.

I’ll keep you guys posted.

I would un-install and reinstall N8 and the upgrade. Super stable for me and I also run RME and UAD.

I’m on the newest version since a few days and I must say that I never had any real problems before with any Nuendo version. But since this update, I got a few, really don’t much, but still a few dropouts. I feel they come a bit random, once or two times a day. Have to watch closer to this, but as it comes randomly and not often at all, I’m more chocked. Guys, that hurts.

Thanks for replies Gentlemen. Much appreciated.

I got a very fast response from Spectrasonics and we’re going to do some troubleshooting over the next few days.

I wonder if the dropouts and disable track issue has something to do with 32 inputs for tracking and 16 outputs for monitoring.

I’m finding the latest Nuendo version really good. So, it’s frustrating to have these little issues. I’m sure we’ll figure it out.

I have 64 physical ins and outs (RME MADI) with 32 Stereo and 64 Mono output busses in constant use. No dropouts to date, though I have not done high input count recording since the update. I’ll do a quick torture test with all 64 ins in record mode for an hour and see what happens, just out of curiosity.

Thanks a million!

I have been cleaning up this project and bouncing midi to audio. When I unload Spectrasonics Keyscapes Nuendo crashes. No problems with Native Instruments or Steinberg instruments.