General MIDI & Halion Sonic SE

Hi All,

I am working with Halion Sonic SE in General MIDI mode, so it will respond to Program Changes etc.
I am having an issue when re-opening Cubase projects.

When it’s all setup and working properly, the following drop-down menu appears for each MIDI track set to talk to Halion:

This allows me to pick any GM instrument for each of the 16 MIDI tracks I have setup.

Open closing and re-opening a session, this functionality has changed, and now appears as follows:

The previous instrument selection is no longer present, and it has changed to the VST-style patch browser, rather than the General MIDI instruments which were there before.

The only way I have found to remedy this is to turn off General MIDI mode in Halion and then turn it back on again. This initializes all of the programs in Halion and I have to manually select each of the instruments I had set before, which is obviously not preferable.

Does anyone know of a method of bringing back the dropdown in the first screenshot above without re-initializing Halion?

Any help appreciated.