General midi issue

Hi, i’m trying to import GM in cubase. My track’s output are microsoft wavetable gs synth but i got no sound. i’m using cubase AI. It must be a parameter i touched somewhere because it worked fine 3 days ago

Thanks for help

Hi and welcome,

1st of all, I would recommend you to jse Instrument tracks instead of MIDI Tracks, and HAKion Sonic SE in the GM Mode, instead of Microsoft Wavetable.

It’s hard to guess. The output of this Sound generator is routed to your (probably internal) Sound card. Do you use this output? Are you sure you didn’t change Master Volume? Or Vokume of the track(s)?

Yeah, I think it’s routed to my internal sound card and yes I use it. Master track and volume faders are all right.
I read somewhere that maybe asio4all is interupting microsoft gs wavelab synth to work but I didn’t find anything that helped me to solve the problem.
I’m opening a lot of midi file so I want to fix this instead of using Hallion sonic because in hallion you have to put the right instrument on each track which takes more time.

Edit: I just realise that Hallion pick the right instrument for you. I should use this now :stuck_out_tongue: