General Midi Setup

Hi There,

I have just purchased cubasis with the hope of sequencing using my Roland Lx15 piano keyboard.

When I hook up my iPad using the connection kit, I can manage to record the main piano sound from the keyboard and play the notes back, but I can not figure out how to get access and record to any of the other sounds. Is this possible todo? If so how? If not, are there plans to introduce this? This was the main reason I purchased the app so I would be pleased if I could make it work!


I am not sure wheher I got your question right.

  • Are you using an Audio or MIDI interface (e.g., iRig MIDI) or do you connect your Piano via USB? So what cables are involved? :slight_smile:
  • What do you mean with recording sounds? Did you record a MIDI-event and sent it to your piano? In this case you should be able to switch the sound on our piano and hear the difference on your headphones?

So please provide us some clarifications about your setup that we can help.

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Hi Frieder,

I connect the keyboard via USB to the iPad by the camera connection kit.

So basically, with the keyboard, I can only record the one sound, piano. I assume this is because it is on channel one on the midi. On the keyboard, I have no control on what sound is mapped to a specific midi port, I was assuming this should be done by cubasis. I know on other midi software, you can select the instrument by the software and this will tell the keyboard what sound to play.

Does this make sense?

So just to be clear, I just want to record the midi events to my keyboard and play back the on board sounds on my keyboard, not the sounds on cubasis. So drums, bass guitar, strings etc will be played by my Roland lx15 keyboard.


thanks for the clarifications.

I recreated a similar setup than the one that you have. I have a Yamaha Motif that I connect to an iPad 3 using the camera connection kit. Then I do the following:

  • Record a MIDI track in Cubasis using the Motif.
  • Playback the MIDI track and select “All Ports” as output.
  • Change the sounds on the Motif. The MIDI is now played back using the sound that I select on the Motif.

This achieves what I assume you want to achieve. If not, let me know what I misunderstood.

Using MIDI to select the sounds that your keyboard plays is not possible since Cubasis cannot send Program Change or Control Change commands at the moment.

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Hi there’

So that is ok if you only want to record one sound and instrument. I want to be able to have a different instrument per track. I take it at this stage we can not do this via midi?

Are there plans to send program changes in the future for this product?


now I got your intention. No, you cannot change the instruments on one track via MIDI since Cubasis does not support program change messages. Yes, this feature is certainly on our list for the future.

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Ok that’s great. Do you know roughly when this will be introduced? Are we talking 3 to 6 months?


sorry, I cannot provide you with an estimation at the moment.

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A few years later, I have pretty much the same question* :slight_smile:

Specifically, I have a Roland LX-17 successfully connected to my iPad Pro via Bluetooth MIDI. I’m able to MIDI-record from my piano to Cubasis, but there are two things I can’t figure out:

  1. How to get it to play back to the default awesome modeled piano instead of one of the crappier GM pianos.
  2. How to get have another Cubasis track play back to a different GM instrument, such as an oboe.

The LX-17 has a full GM instrument set. And here’s Roland’s MIDI specifications.

Much thanks in advance for your insights!

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