General MIDI2 patch selection

I’m creating General MIDI Level 2 compositions in Cubase Elements 7, played via my Roland XV3080 module. I have created a complete patch map in Device Manager and I select patches by name using the Inspector. When I save, close then reopen the file, all the patches on the module revert to default Piano 1 even though they are all still present in the Inspector when I play the track. GM2 mode is On in the module, which I select using a sysex string from a Cubase track.

What might I be doing wrong?
Do I need to use Program Change messages in each track as well?
And will this work if I save as a MIDI file?

We used to use patch scripts when I used cubase long time ago…

You can edit them in notepad, not sure if there’s a better way yet.

Plenty made and out there like this one:

Thanks for that. I’ve downloaded the scripts but not yet tried them as my setup isn’t where I access the net. This may not solve the problem, as the patch map in Device Manager works fine when I choose a patch in Inspector - it just doesn’t work when I reload a song. All the patches are still present and correct, but Cubase isn’t sending Program Changes.

When a patch is selected in the Inspector, how is it combined with that track & channel’s data? I am wondering how Cubase deals with Inspector patches vs program changes inside the track data. When I save as a MIDIfile, are Inspector patches saved as program changes along with it?

There used to be a command in midi menu like embed event or something like that and it would create a program change event at the start of a track, you could do it manually as well.

But having the same patch changes should be a basic functionality of saving a song.

They’re very small files if you put them on a flash drive.

You have to put them in a folder called scripts seems like.

I’ll have to try it myself, I just got C7 and I have some outboard modules.