General performance boost

Now that we have a prospect to get the FLS limits significantly increased - surprisingly by Microsoft - can we please get some kind of technological renewal regarding the usage of our CPUs?

I basically understand the difference of CPU vs. ASIO performance that come with critical real time processing. Anyway it seems like 2019 we should have the technology to make use of our current processing power way beyond 30 - 40 % until VST performance chokes the system.

From hearsay it seems that many other DAWs (Reaper in top position) are way more efficient. Yes, I understand that Cubase has an older code base and is a whole different thing at all but I don’t believe it’s not possible or too complicated to improve VST performance in the medium term. There are some modern native plugin monsters that are great, expensive & hungry but I can run just a few instances of them though I use a pretty current dedicated computer that has 70 % power remaining.

So please, Steinberg, do something to improve :wink: