general question about Dorico Youtube videos

New user here! When looking through the Youtube Dorico channel videos, how do I know which ones apply to Dorico and which to Elements? Do the ones labeled Dorico apply to both, while those labeled Dorico Pro apply to Pro only? I’m currently trial using Elements and would like to know which beginner videos to focus on.

Welcome to the forum, leeskeys. There’s not a lot of specific parsing of the videos, in general. The newer videos will show a little “Pro only” overlay in the bottom corner when discussing specific features that are exclusive to Pro, or as you said, will contain “Pro” in the title.

For older videos that don’t specify, just keep in mind these important limitations for Elements:

  • No Engrave mode
  • No Engraving Options or Notation Options (you do have Layout Options, I believe)
  • no cues, divisi, ossias, add/remove staves

…and you should be able to tell out which videos are applicable to you.

Those features weren’t in Dorico 1.0, so they won’t be in the early videos anyway.