General question about film mixing and Bass Management

I have a little dilemma
I have a JBL system consisting of 5 x 4328 and a sub 4312. I moved to a new room this year. The room is 8m x 5.5m x 3.2m. So it is not bad.
I treated it as close as possible to the Dolby specs as I could. Excerpt for the perforated screen :slight_smile:.
Until now I was mixing everything using build in JBL bass management since I new that the stuff will end on DVD or a stereo mix will play at festivals. So I almost always left the LFE channel empty.
Now I will begin the first major job here in Namibia. I will have to mix it as far as I can and the final mix/ DCP playout will be done at a certified dub stage in Europe :slight_smile:. Looking forward to learn a tone about my room and mixing :open_mouth: .

My question: how should I go about the mix.
Keep working as I did, leaving the LFE tuning to the rerecording mixer in Europe?.
Production only wants to “certify” the mix so they are only booking 2 days at the stage. I don’t know if there will be enough time to do the LFE at the stage…
Or should I now switch oFF BM, recalibrate and use LFE during mixing?. Risky, because the smaller JBLs go only down to 50HZ i think…
Thank you for your help in advance


A little research goes a long way :slight_smile:.
I’ve found my answer :slight_smile:

Bob, care to post a link so that other people can see your findings?:slight_smile: