General Question on Plug Presets

Hi, Folks!
I’m finally beginning to dable with WL7, and although many of the plug-ins are much improved over past versions, I note that there are no pre-determined presets in many of the plugs. Some of the plugs are quite technical with many adjustments, but without at least having a starting point from a pre-programmed preset, it takes a lot more work to achieve a similar setting to past WL version plugs.
Some of the former multi-band compressor presets were very helpful starting points to permit “tweaking” to individual preferences.
Perhaps the most frustrating plug for me is the Steinberg reverberation plug. The former Natural Verb had some wonderful presets that could be quickly reset to tailor them to special situations. Extensive tinkering with the newer “Steiny” version still cannot achieve a similar quality of reverberation. Multiple echos and delays don’t blend well, and it sounds artificial; whereas Natural Verb appears to have a much more sophisticated algorithm that does sound like a real space, especially for classical music spaces. I know! I’m spoiled here in the Boston, MA, USA area with some of the finest performance auditoriums in the world, like Boston’s Symphony Hall. But the existing tool for reverberation just doesn’t cut it based on much tinkering with it’s parameter settings.
Hence, pre-programmed presets might prove very helpful in the next version or upgrade of WL. Just a suggestion, but one that would likely help a lot of users!

There are pre-programmed presets, eg.:

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At the risk of displaying my ignorance, how / where do we go about downloading them, do they cover a number of the effect plugs, and where do they go so WL 7 can find them?

They are installed with WaveLab. There is nothing for you to do.
They should be there:
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steinberg\WaveLab 7\Factory Presets\Plugins\Steinberg Media Technologies\

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PEBCAK issue [Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard]!
Just needed to poke at the right icon to find 'em noted in “Factory Presets”.
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Still, I’ve got this screwy shut down problem where WL7 leaves stuff loaded, and then won’t restart without removing the “Process Tree” using the Task Mangler! Any ideas?

Thanks eversomuch for all you do for us users!