General Question regarding software re-installation

Hello all, pardon if this is a stupid question. I just haven’t found an efficient way to do this.

My first full version of Cubase was Cubase 5. Since then, I have purchased the updates to Cubase 7, 7.5, and will soon be installing 8.

If for some some reason I need to do a re-install of the software, or my machine is lost or wiped out, do I have to go through the motions of installing Cubase 5, then the update of 5 to 7, then 7.5, and then 8? Is there a way to just directly re-install the latest version without having to go through the installation of each and every update I’ve purchased or downloaded since Cubase 5?

Thank you in advance.


No need to install previous versions. You can go straight to the current version.

Seems there are different download packages for 8. When setting up from scratch, the bigger one will be needed (I guess) to have all the content available (VST Sound stuff which might partially be the same in previous versions).

By the “bigger one” do you mean the full version as opposed to the “update” package?
If so, then that would be a problem because I’ve only purchased updates since my first full install of Cubase 5.
I may have to re-install the software because I cannot get Novation’s automap to play with Cubase. Whenever the software is running, I get audio dropouts. This could be during recording or mixing, regardless of CPU consumption and buffer size. I’ve tried everything on the Novation side with their support team, so I need to look at what’s going on with Steinberg’s stuff, so I will probably do a clean re-install of the software.

Are you sure it isn’t Automap itself?

I’ve had so many hassles over the years of installing & uninstalling it & trying it over & over again that I just finally gave up, uninstalled it and deleted it never to be seen or tried again!

Seems that people either love it or hate it.

For me - just the mention of it still gives me the creeps even after all these years.

Downloaded the 9.1 GB package but didn’t need it. The installer recognized the VST Sound sets as already installed and just performed some content updates.

On a fresh installation you will need it all.

Yeah, I’m starting to get to this point too. It’s a shame I didn’t do more research before getting one of their keyboards.

Thanks for clarifying as well. Seems like a total hassle. I guess I need to save my 7.5 and 8 updates on a separate hard drive just in case. I do have boxed copies of 5 and 7 updates. I just can’t imagine having to go through each product update if I have to do a clean install 5 versions from now.

I think it’s as easy as running the bigger full installer. No need to keep all previous versions unless you still use them of course.

Yes, I believe that 7.0 is a full complete install, so I’m just gonna go from there.