General questions about Cubase Artist and how to get started

I bought Cubase Artist 7.0 a few years ago, but have done little since the DAW has been very unstable, crashed a lot and is generally too complex for me.

I have two computers, and my version of Cubase is running a lot more stable on the one with the Windows 7 OS.

I have been looking for a simpler DAW, maybe Studio One or Cubase AI, but everybody tells me they’re not really simpler to use and advice me to sit down and learn Cubase Artist instead. Yay, it’s not like I have a learning disability for real, is it? But, ok, with a little help maybe I can learn enough to use it.

So, will Cubase Artist 9.0 or whatever version most recent run smoothly with Windows 10? In which case I’ll start there I guess.

What sort of advice can you give me? I would really like some kind of book of the ‘for dummies’ type, something which would guide me step by step through a simple recording. I’m just looking for the same fun I had with my four track Tascam 25 years ago. I just want to play around and record a few tracks for my own enjoyment.

Kind of had a nostalgic moment reading this. I had a Tascam Porta One way back and had a lot of fun recording my guitar, keyboard, and even trying some singing. I sold everything except one guitar when I went into the service. I got back from overseas about ten years ago and bought Cubase 5, a small MIDI controller and an entry level audio interface. I think it took me six hours (literally) to get any sound (from the guitar or MIDI controller) to come out of the speakers. I eventually got it by reading the manual. I am usually pretty good at figuring things out but met my match in that case. VST Connections have to be configured to identify physical and logical connections. Then you have to create a track and set it up properly.
There might be a good book that demonstrates a start to finish project out there. Plenty of YouTube videos. But unfortunately there aren’t really any shortcuts. There is a lot of stuff to learn. Just start with simple projects and goals.

The Cubase YouTube channel is where you want to go. There’s plenty of HOWTO and beginner videos available there.

Start small…
Record one track at a time. Try mono and stereo. Drag audio in…
Small steps=bigger and faster result with less frustration.
If you use midi same thing…
Work on adjusting levels and panning.
Then you can get into EQ. I’d recommend taking compression later.
I’d recommend buses and routing next before you get into effects. Basics first.

Thanks! I’ll get CA 9 first. Should I use it with Windows 7 or 10?

Start small I will.

If Cubase 7 is stable on your current system I’d start off with that. You can always upgrade at a later date when you’re more confident. Cubase 9 certainly won’t be any simpler to learn than 7 and though it’s table on the vast majority of Windows 7 and 10 systems there are some who have had problems so start with something that you know is working.

The other advive above is spot on and I’d suggest working out exactly what you want to accomplish and then break that down into steps

Cubase 9.5 will run much better on Windows 10 than Cubase 7 did.

Windows 8 was still new when Cubase 7 was released. Windows 10 didn’t exist. The issues you had were likely caused by incompatibilities between your old version of Cubase and Windows 10. Cubase 9.5 is actually made and tested with Windows 10 in mind.

Cubase 9.5 will run fine on either Windows 7 or 10, so you should just pick the most powerful computer you have.

The basics are the hardest part about learning Cubase. Almost everything else after that will be far easier to figure out. You really just need to know where you start.