general remote and midi track.

I’m using Nektar LX88 and Cubase 8.5 pro.
I want to link 8 buttons of the LX88 to each track, in regular sequence.
On the ‘general remote’ window, I tried to link ‘channel/category’ of each buttons to each tracks, but there’s a problem.
I can find each audio tracks, instrument tracks, and even fx tracks, but there’s no midi tracks in the ‘channel/category’ options. So when i link the tracks to each buttons and add a miditrack, the buttons’ sequence just jump over the midi track.
What should I do?

Hi and welcome,

There are multiple “Mixers” in the lower part if the Generic Remote Device. For sure, all MIDI tRacks are under the MIDI Mixer.

Wow! Thank you very much really ^^