general remote, assigning 'monitor' button.

I’m using cubase 8.5 pro and nektar LX88 keyboard.
I’m trying to assign a pad on the keyboard into the monitor button of selected track.
On the general remote window, I chose ‘command’ for device, and ‘edit’ for channel/category section, ‘monitor’ for value and action. However, it doesn’t work.
I succeeded in assigning mute and solo of selected track to the pad buttons, but failed in monitor buttons.
I guess mute and solo have word ‘selected’ in their path, ‘channel/ category’. and monitor doesn’t, so the reason is this, maybe.
Then, how can I assign monitor button to the pad?


Could you send a screenshot, please?

I think this works??

Device = Mixer (Or VST Mixer)
Channel/Cat = Selected
Value/Action = Monitor
Flags = Toggle

Thank you for your kindness!

(Link of screenshot) ->

As you see, I tried like number 1 picture, and it didn’t work on selected track.
And I tried to do what Grim recommended, as shown on picture 2, but there’s no ‘monitor’ on the ‘mixer-selected’ route.

Your “current selected track” on opening of the generic remote shows it’s the b4 rotator…This is an internal effect of the b4, so that is probably why there is no monitor button available. Try it again with a “normal” audio or midi track selected on opening of the generic remote.

“VST Mixer>Selected>Monitor” works fine here on all selected tracks.
Hope this helps

It’s because I searched ‘monitor’ on the searching window. It showed only the most similar spelling with ‘monitor’ and incidentally it was one of the function of b4.
However, today I tried it again, and found ‘monitor’ on the path you told. What happened :laughing: :laughing:
I checked really precisely, so I think I couldn’t miss that. Maby the monitor function got back home yesterday or I’ve missed. Anyway problem solved. Thanks!

In Cubase 11 for a Mackie Control, it’s category=“Edit” and command=“Monitor”
For a generic remote it’s device=“Command”, Channel/Category=“Edit”, value/action=“Monitor”

(I know this is an old question, answering for people searching for the answer now)