General Stability issues


I don’t even know if it’s one specific bug or a bunch of them, I think it’s something about the UI but I’m not really sure.
First, I’m using Cubase 10.5 (Updated to the latest 10.5.20) and Windows 10, I just made an update round for all of my drivers (using UR44C as an audio interface), also using the UR44C’s Yamaha usb audio driver/interface thingy as my default audio device. Now, the problem(s?);
Everytime I start a session (existing or creating a new one), the inspector on the left of the arrangement view is messed up ; the different tabs (Equalizer, audio inserts, Chords, etc.) won’t collapse, so when I open one of them, it’s open for the rest of eternity. When I say eternity, here’s what I mean :

-I create an empty project
-Create 1 instrument track with any VST, lets say Retrologue
-On the inspector view on the left, open up the chord tab
-Now I can’t close/collapse it
-Quit the project / don’t save
-Open new empty project
-Create 1 instrument track, lets try Prologue
-Chord tab is already open and I can’t collapse/close it.

On the audio insert tab, I can’t add any plugins (Stock or third party). When I mouse over the little slot for inserts, the writing "Pre - 1/2 /3 " with the arrow briefly show, but when I stop my mouse over one the the slot, it disappear and I can’t bring up the effect menu if I click on it. The only way I’m able to put an vst effect on a track is to open up the Channel Settings window, only then is the inserts menu acting normal, where I can open up the list of VST effect and load one in. If I go on the Media panel on the right and try to load one in from there, most of the time Cubase crash and close by itself. The EQ section with frequency spectral chart on the inspector panel on the left is acting weird too; it’s showing the correct information of my EQ curves about 2 frames per second, the rest of the time it shows the frequency chart like it was off, so its only “flashing” the right information for a couple of frames. Same behavior on the Mix Console view.

So far I’ve tried ;
-Uninstalling / Reinstalling Cubase,
-re-initializing preferences setup, doing the thing where you “hide” your Cubase10.5 folder by putting an “x” in front of the name so at the start-up it creates another folder with default preferences,
-Starting in fail-safe mode, with and without third party plugins,
-Updating every drivers for my midi keyboard (Arturia 49 Laboratory), audio interface(UR44C), even my graphic card (RX 470 or something like that),
-Turning off, then on my computer
-Just restarting my computer,
-Cleaning up in Task manager so there’s not others big app running in background
-Probably some other stuff

Right now it’s just an unstable mess, there’s like a couple of workaround like I said (adding effect through the channel settings window), but it just slow my workflow so much it’s not even fun to use. Not the first time I’m having stability issues with Cubase, but like that that’s a first.

Any idea on what to try to fix it ?