General unsatisfaction-partially resolved

This is actually a Vienna Symphonic Library (VSL) issue as when I took the reverb and EQ plug-ins out of the VE project, it works again. I guess I’ll have to load those in through Cubase 12, so I’m giving this a solution to what I assumed was a Cubase issue.

This is merely me taking time to release some frustrations.
As the last attached jpeg shot shows, there is no audio output from Cubase 12 although the midi input is going strong-see first jpeg (no sound). Indeed, the stand-alone for the plugin involved, Vienna Instruments Pro, Version 2.6.99, works fine and produces all kinds of sounds, via the midi controller Oxygen 88. So, the audio system works, and also, I get sound from videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc with the same audio setup. Again, no issues previously-about six weeks ago. when I started on the path to update to Cubase 12

The other uploads are merely to show the audio system is connected to Cubase in the proper manner; this set up produced all sorts of wonderful sounds with Cubase 11. An example of the connections in the Vienna Ensemble is included for background.
So tired,
So weary,
I really wish I could give up on this hobby. It’s totally unsatisfying. But I’m hooked, like so many.

Regards to all of us diehards trying to make music with Cubase.