Generally speaking, I like Cubase 7 a lot :-)

I post a lot of negative comments about issues that nag me big time. But as a whole, I like Cubase 7 a lot.

A lot of things work really fluid and nicely, and there are a ton of awesome features. I justed wanted to post this. :slight_smile:

Version 7 is a great iteration of Cubase, no doubt.

The extra resource requirements allow for a much more stable experience in my view, when compared to the previous version.

I’ve got 6.5.5 installed on an XP system and even basic things like opening a project file to open the program don’t work for me on a relatively fresh install plus in my case, Kontakt no longer works for newer versions.

Personally I find the MixConsole “experience” quite versatile when compared to the previous mixer, there are things that can be hidden easily and they stay hidden on what seems a project by project basis as well track widths are manageable depending on the size of your monitor.

I’d like to know what others think of multiple monitors and MixConsole.

I love C7 with two monitors. I have 2 27" and I find it super easy to work on compared to my laptop. The workspaces have never bothered me with 2 screens. The only issue is I can’t full screen the mixer cause the editors all hide behind the mixer. Not a big deal tho

Same feelings here. Absolutely love v7, that’s why I get so mad with SB for not handling things properly!

Same feelings too. I was frustrated on few things (disapeared windows, hiding plugins under mixer, external effects, etc.). But few days ago I run Cubase 6.5 and I don’t like that look anymore. Small mixer, white background, no vari2, etc…

Yes, I love Cubase 7.

Waiting for update.

I’ve had serious stability and performance issues with C7 but only recently realised that UAD v7 and C7 don’t get along, and the only interface I’ve used C7 with has been my Apollo. At this point I don’t think either party is acknowledging who needs to patch their software to get along with the other one, but fortunately 6.0.7 is tiding me over just fine till that gets sorted out.

Yeah, quite a noticeable bunch of plugs don’t get along with C7. I had to sort out Waldorf D-Pole and I am living dangerously with Amplifikation One. Others reported problems with some Rob Papen stuff, and there are even more. Maybe Steinberg manages to make C7 more relaxed, or communicate better to the devs what are the traps that cause problems.

I’m using a UAD2-Solo and Duo in the same machine with C7.5 32 bit without issues. What problems are you talking about specifically?

I have two Dell 30" monitors (hopefully replaced by a 4K monitor one day) in the mix area with the computer, with the main window on one and all the miscellaneous utility windows (VST Connections, Video, Control Room Overview, etc) on the other.

Then I have three Dell S2340T 23" touchscreens with one mixwindow on each, for:

  1. Channels, FX, sub-mix groups, Output → in front of 30" with main C7 window.
  2. Foldback sub-mix groups, inputs, Control Room → in front of the other 30".
  3. Foldback sub-mix groups, Control Room → in studio, for performer adjustments and control.
    The last is duplicated onto a TV in the mix area, so I can see what the studio sees and configure it remotely.

It is good to finally have acknowledgement that screen-based mixers do not have to slavishly emulate the limitations in configurability of hardware. Why did it take SO LONG?

Now all I need is the ability to:
a) Have an arbitrary number of named mixwindows, as then there could be multiple individual foldback cue windows, and mixwindows could be linked to cover any number of channels.
b) Be able to configure by drag-and-drop snap-ins from a palette of finger-friendly options, rather than multiple menus.
c) Have the mixwindows appear on their monitors from the start. That is, Workspaces would remember that they are fullscreen and open!
d) Save the full configuration for a mixwindow under one name.

The palette of options should include:
a) Any of the utility windows: Video, VST Connections, CR Overview, VST Instruments, Channel window, etc.
b) Parts of the Transport bar, at a touch-friendly size: Scrub, Punch in and out, Markers, etc.
c) Any plugin GUI.
d) Track inspector, the track list itself, any status sections from the main window.

Basically, this would allow mixwindows to be a universal container for ANY user-selected combination of Cubase GUI elements, freely placed as a unit on any monitor setup one wants. A workspace would then be the set of particular mixwindow_name-monitor assignments. The current multiple-window who-knows-where-that-configuration-is-saved mess would be reduced to a consistent two-level configuration arrangement.

I have put this in as a feature request.

One good thing about the mixwindows is that for those with large numbers of channels, they can be linked so that a selection of channels can be spread over several monitors. Previously, one had to have a monitor with lots of pixels in the horizontal to accommodate even modest number of channels before having to narrow down the widths. Another reason to have any number of mixwindows to allow scalability.

At the same time, perhaps SB, could allow a docked window layout as an alternative to the current floating arrangement (of which the latter I’d mostly use but for smaller projects, docking would be nice).

I have put this in as a feature request.

So have I :slight_smile:

One good thing about the mix windows is that for those with large numbers of channels, they can be linked so that a selection of channels can be spread over several monitors.

I don’t understand, are you saying there’s a way to order tracks in the mixer independently from the project window?

No. You can link mixwindows so they behave as one mix window, but the contents are distributed across them, using whatever left/right arrangement you would normally select for one.

Unfortunately, it is not very scalable because there are only three mixwindows.

Right, so was that part of your FR and if so do you have a link?

Not the linked mixwindows per se, but the rest is in:
I added my second post there after I wrote the one above, once I realised that the whole window configuration could be much simpler conceptually, far more flexible and easier for users to get their head around.

And probably easier for SB to program as well and once the central paradigm is accepted, the dockable GUI elements can all inherit their basic GUI manipulation properties from one abstract class. The windows (containers) are all the same.

Hey cmaffia,

I get constant -50, -96 and -38 device errors from Apollo and constantly need to power-cycle the unit. It’s really frustrating, as it happens every few minutes, and I then have to turn off my speakers, save and quit my session, power-cycle Apollo, restart Cubase, open the session again and then turn my speakers back on.

Surprisingly the problem doesn’t seem to happen nearly as often with C6. It’s only been with C7. UA have mentioned on their website that the latest firmware isn’t compatible with C7 and there will be an update at some point addressing the issue. But I’m fearing it’s going to be a considerable while before this gets sorted out.

I think it is an Apollo specific problem to be honest. It’s likely not a dodgy unit as it behaves just fine with Pro Tools and even Cubase 6. But the latest firmware and version of UAD2 plugs do seem to have issues with C7.