Generate chord symbols from selection conundrum

It took a while, but now I understand what Daniel meant by this “expected behavior”, because it is not , what I expect. I first had to try and insert a chord into a system where the chords were actually set to invisible. Then Dorico overwrites the preset made in the setup and shows all chords in that instrument. This of course makes Daniel’s statement understandable, because it can be confusing if I insert a chord and then I can’t see it in this instrument at all, but only in the systems, where chords were actually made visible. I am of the opinion that it should not be like this, because I have made it really clear in the setup what “the expected behaviour” should be, meaning where I would like to see chords and where not, but I understand the approach, because especially for newcomers it could be confusing if something, that is inserted is not visible at all at this very input location but in an other stave/instrument. Nevertheless, the functionality described above:

would be really desirable. Or at least I should be able to set in the layout options that Dorico should always keep the visibility of the chords I selected in the setup menu for the individual instruments, because this is what I and other users (?) expect. That means, that I would like to have Dorico respect my setup settings …

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