Generate Chord Symbols from Selection?

Hi - Following the tutorial video for generate notes from chord symbols - when I right click the only option i get is Generate Chord Symbols from selection nothing else???
I followed the Video, even started a fresh score, entered chords over a string section and still only the one option?

What version of Dorico do you have – Pro, Elements, SE, iPad?

Generating notes from chord symbols is a Pro-only feature.

Pro 4.3

a) are you definitely running as Pro? If you go to Dorico > About Dorico, what version is displayed in the pop-up?

Edit: apparently chord symbols don’t even need to be actively selected, how incredibly handy (well done dev team)

Hi, Rebooted and seems to be working OK, just doesn’t appear to work on some previous scores…

If you can attach a small example of a project where it goes wrong we’ll happily take a look.