Generate harminies voices CB 9.5 win64

When I create harmonies, they become quite creaky and faint. Some good advice to get around this would be nice.


How do you create the harmony? What is the exact result you get? What is your expectation?

Hi Thanks for the fast respons.
First, I choose a section from the piano track. Then I create an Accord symbol track.
I then choose a party of the song track that I want to use as the basis for the voice song. Of course, I want it to sound clean and without disturbance.


I expect you mean Chord Track.

Then you select an Audio Part and apply Generate Harmonies. Am I right?

What do you mean by “disturbance”?

Bad quality.


Sorry, I still don’t know, what exactly do you mean. Bad quality in which parameter? The harmony is wrong? Or the voice-leading is wrong (static)? Or you can hear some artefacts on the sound?

Yes I can hear some artefacts on the sound. Like pops and clips.

Could you share a MP3 example, please?

Hi: I realized that I have to be careful about the track I intend to assume. It sounds better now.
Best Thomas