Generate Harmony voices issue

I have generated harmony tracks by selecting Audio-Generate Harmony Voices from chord track.
But those generated voices doesn’t always match a chord track.
Test project attached:

What am I missing?

Cubase 11.0.10
Cubase 10.0.60
regards, Alexander

Hi Soft_machine,

I just completed a project with vocal harmonies mapped to a chord track. I’d like to help you but I can’t play your file. I set up an audio in bus for my UR44 but I still get silence.

If I can get passed that, I’ll see what I can do.


Got it working. I’ll post back soon :smiley:

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I messed around with your tracks. The first thing I tried was to add a new chord track using your exact chords played live through my keyboard by using a Halion 6 piano. For some reason, your bars start at -1, which I assume is possible. I tried recording MIDI chords starting at Bar 1 but Cubase snapped my cursor to Bar -1 after my recording started!! And then, my notes didn’t even get recorded! Our Cubase versions seem to be arguing with each other the same way that two Microsoft Word documents always do.

I’m at a loss, other than to say that I think the harmony function in Cubase needs a lot of work. When I did my recent project with harmonies, I used chords in the root position but even then, I had to go in and edit the notes one at a time because Cubase didn’t always follow my chord track. I would suggest you do the same. Sorry I couldn’t offer a better solution :(.

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@Lee_Batchelor thanks for checking!
Yes, I’m doing it the same manner unfortunately.

kind regards, Alexander