Generate ISRC = No Audio Will Play

my build is 7.2… the latest as of this post.

I have entered the ISRC for a project (for the first track), and have the generate ISRC codes button checked in the wizard. Then when I go to burn the disc, everything seems fine. When I pop the freshly made disc in a regular old CD player, the tracks show up, the disc size and length is correct, but when the disc is playing NO audio comes off the disc. This is repeatable on any CD player I try. No audio plays - its like the track was muted or something…

When I remove the ISRC codes from the wizard and reburn, the disc plays fine on any player just like it should have the first time with the ISRC codes.

Any help would be most useful.
thank you,

I only see possible explanations: your ISRC code is not properly formatted, or the firmware of your burner, causes a mistake.