Generate Notes from Chord Symbols: crash

I´m testing Dorico Pro 5 right now.

Unfortunatelly Dorico crashes completely most of the time when I “generate notes from chord symbols”.

I have the main melody and want to create a second voice.

I use a Steinberg UR44 as interface. Sample rate 48000 (as I only get reasonable results in Cubase with this setting, as it´s the standard of my PC).

As the programm is just gone, I get no error feedback.

Can somebody help?

Does this mean that you have been successful on some occasions?
If so, was that with the project in question or with another project?

Can you post a Diagnostic Report?

Yes, with two songs it worked after crashing a few times (without me doing anything relevant). With all the other songs, I tried it at least 10 times but it always crashed.
My workprocedure is always the same. I open xml.-files which I created in Photoscore and Musescore.

Thanks very much for providing the diagnostics, and I’m sorry you’re running into this problem. Would you be able to provide one of the projects you’ve been working with? I suspect the issue is going to somehow turn out to be related to a particular combination of notes/rhythms in the project. If you could attach one of the projects that consistently crashes for you and let me know what you’re selecting etc., I should be able to figure out what’s actually going on.

Thank you. I will post some projects with different rhythms. All of my projects crash at some point.
I select the bars of the second voice. From the bar, which has a a first voice to the end. I choose “use rhytmn and voicing from first voice”
Father and Son (Leichte_mittlere Stufe, Alt-Sax).dorico (1.3 MB)

Unchained Melody (Anfänger, Alt-Sax).dorico (1.1 MB)


A slightly tangential point. Do you know there is a command in the Edit menu to select all notes from one you select to the end of the flow. That might save you some time trying to get the very last note.

Let it Be (Leichte_mittlere Stufe, Alt-Sax).dorico (1.2 MB)

Thanks for the Advice! That will be handy in some occassions.

Maybe it´s also helpful for you to see the project that worked (after crashing at least 5 times). It did even 2 voices at the same time.
Fly Me to the Moon (Mittlere Stufe, Alt-Sax).dorico (1.4 MB)

Thanks very much for providing your projects, Sarah. My colleague Richard has been able to reproduce a crash with the Unchained Melody project, and we will make sure this is fixed in future. I hope you will find that if you switch off the Use instrument as top notes hints option in the Generate Notes From Chord Symbols in Selection dialog, you won’t experience the crash. Let us know if that is the case.

Just to add… “Generate Notes from Chord Symbols” is primarily designed for generating chordal accompaniments (e.g. “pads” or “vamps”), so it works best when generating notes for multiple instruments at once, or for polyphonic instruments (e.g. piano, guitar). It looks like you are trying to use it for generating a single harmonised melody line, and this may or may not work well, depending on the musical material.

Yes, it workes without chrashing, if I turn off “use instrument as top notes hints”

Thanks for the information! That´s a pity, I would have used it exactly for that case. And you are right, It doesn´t provide a really useful output. Especially when I can´t use “use instrument as top notes hints”. If I could use that, it would be a first handy feature, if there was the option to tell the programm to avoid certain intervalls (unison, second, minor second, 9).