Generating bass notes from the chord track

Can anyone please tell me if its possible to extract the bass notes from a chord progression on the chord track? My use case is that once I have written my progression I have a virtual instrument that will play the Guitar chords but it uses single notes not chords, i.e. a C for C Major.

I thought it was possible to do this using the below setting, but if you look closely you will see it duplicates the notes per the number of notes in the chord…


There is the other use case covered in the Logical Editor. The preset is named: Select Highest Pitch, which would select the “melody”.

So you can call this preset in the Logical Editor and change the:

Context Variable | Equal | Highest Pitch

to the:

Context Variable | Equal | Lowest Pitch

Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there anything I need to do in the transform, it seems to export the bass notes for only one chord at a time,


It looks correct. Oh, you are right, I have just tested the preset and it works the way, you described. :-/