Generating MIDI data from Audio volume fader?

Hi guys,

does anyone know if there is a way to generate MIDI data by “transforming” the current status of a given Audio channel fader into a CC value?

So, if the volume of the audio track is +6 dB, there would be a CC value of 127 sent to a given MIDI in.

In Logic that’s easily possible with the environment… haven’t found any way to do that in Cubase yet tho?

:frowning: :confused:

Any help appreciated!

Don’t know any easy way, but have one crazy idea:

  • Create a generic remote controller and assign the CC you want to channel fader
  • Use MIDI loopback cable (or software) to route CCs back to Cubase
  • Record the CCs from loopback cable/software to a MIDI track

Hey Jarno,

yesss I was thinking of something like that, too! I could re-insert the Generic Remote output into Cubase by a virtual MIDI port.

Thing is, I have NEVER USED the Generic Remote editor … tried it out, but a bit lost here.

Do you think you could expand a little more on this? How should I configure the Generic Remote? I’m using the CMC-FD and want to generate MIDI CC01 data … :slight_smile:

THANKS IN ADVANCE! :slight_smile:

Sorry. I have zero experience on CMC-FD. And then … my experience on Generic Remote Controllers is quite limited … just played with them to help my Cubase fellow users. But in this case I would need to install loopback chord/software in addition to fiddle around with Generic Remote Controller to help you. Too much work for me, since I’m not going to learn anything new by doing it; easy enough for you, if you take some time and learn about Generic Remote thing (Read The Fine Manual).