Generating Piano Vocal Score

I have a full orchestral score and want to make a piano vocal score based on it. I added a piano part and will paste relevant music into it. Somehow I can’t find where to “uncheck” this piano part from the full score layout. How do I make a score with just this part with the vocal parts?

In Setup mode, select this new piano part in the Players panel. With it selected, un-check the full score layout in the Layouts panel.

I’ll try it. The two different panels was the confusing part for me.

I need to know how to open the layout panel from the player’s panel. I can find the parts to select, how do I get to the layout panel? Sorry if I ask naive questions, still learning Dorico. I love the program!

In Setup mode, use Ctrl- or Cmd-7, 8, and 9 to open and close those panels. Cmd-0 hides them all.

Thanks, I’m getting closer! Vielen Dank’ - Morgen kommt zu spät.

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This Dorico Tutorial may help you (it does what you are trying to achieve): How to Create Custom Layouts | Setup Mode in Dorico - YouTube

That’s useful! Only the first two of seven flows were entered for some reason. I will keep plugging away.

Remember, each flow can have its own set of layouts and players. It’s easy to miss some if you create new layouts after creating your flows.
In setup, right-click your piano-vocal score layout and then select ‘flows->Include all flows in this layout’

I did it! Thanks for all the useful advice. Now to cut & paste into a workable piano rehearsal accompaniment.

Explore how ‘paste special->reduce’ works. With judicious selections it can save you many hours.

Good luck.