Generic ASIO Driver does not recognize Bluetooth Headphones

I have been dealing with this problem ever since I started using Dorico. I have a pair of TOZO-T10 Bluetooth headphones which the Driver recognizes in the Device Control Piano, but it does not show in the Stereo Output.

The only way I have been able to use Dorico is restarting it repeatedly until while deactivating and reactivating my headphones, leading to a lot of hassle I would like to avoid.

Is this a problem with Dorico, my headphones, or my computer? I’ve looked and I can’t find people who have had the same issue.

Have you read the FAQ thread? There is a section on BT headsets as well.

It looks like it’s working! I didn’t think there would be a problem with exclusive control, but it seemed that there was. Thanks for your help.

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And sorry, not to be forgotten, welcome to the Dorico community!