Generic ASIO Driver Incorrect Sample Rate

Goodday Y’all,

I am trying to get Cubase to put out 192KHz to the internal digital output soundcard on my desktop. The sample rate of the generic ASIO driver seems fixed at 96KHz and playback is half-speed. I am certain the output of my soundcard is 192 KHz. My card is set to 192KHz, I have tested it using the control panel tests in Windows as well as having no issues with iTunes set to 192KHz. However, when I open Cubase and switch to the Generic low latency ASIO driver rather the one for my interface (which plays back fine), and open a project that is 192KHz I have the problem mentioned above: playback at half-speed; an indicated HW sample rate of 96KHz and 16bits/sample.


Your help is much appreciated, have a good day…

why don´t you use the driver of your soundcard for recording in Cubase?

There is no other driver available in the options list.

really? try to download and install the Asio4All v.2-driver or the Asio Full Duplex driver from internet to your computer.

Problem solved. Thank you sooo much for your help; I don’t know what I would have done otherwise.

All the best

happy, that i could help. :slight_smile: thank you :wink: