Generic ASIO driver very unstable -remove it.


Could this driver be better written, or more stable? Or removed/disabled? It is the number one cause of BSOD on my PC. In fact, the only cause at this stage. This has nothing to do with my PC setup. I have had this problem on all my PCs and with various sound-card setups with various versions of Cubase. Currently running pro 8.5

Why care, I don’t use this driver?
Well, the problems is that the generic ASIO driver decides to load instead of the one you truly wants and wreaks havoc on your computer anytime there is a ASIO conflict. (loading other programs with ASIO, not releasing driver, or incorrect parameters, or external interface was not turned on etc etc.)
The results is MOSTLY bluescreens which means restart and lost work.

Obviously I use another ASIO driver, like anyone who is serious about cubase is doing as well. My point is, nobody really wants this driver and it is not good. Hell, the Asio4all does way way better than this driver.

I have finally managed to disable this generic driver. I simply renamed the asioglld.dll (found in program files/steinberg/asio) and the driver “doesn’t exist”.

Wouldn’t it at least be an idea to be able to disable the driver without having to either do surgery in the regedit or the above solution (which works fine - you can always rename the file back it you want it again.)

In any case, here you have a solution if it bothers you. It really bothered me. Now there are no more bluescreens.

Cheers! :smiley:

I’ve never had a problem with that driver (or heard of it crashing anyones computer).

I know you said its not your computer, but I really think it is.

It does work, if loaded FIRST. But there are conflicts when it tries to access IRQ adresses, which causes BSOD when loading drivers. Especially when switching between ASIOs and/or using several different audio programs.

And, once I removed this driver I have NO problems whatsoever.
And, the slow load times of this driver is another sign.
And, the fact that ANY other ASIO driver works better. On several computers.
And a quick search online you’ll see more people have(had) this problem

In fact I remember many yeas ago (I know many changes have happened since then) trying this driver and not having luck back then either. It is supposed to be a solution for when you don’t have an ASIO driver. If you have a good audio interface/card, you do have a better driver, and subsequently don’t need this driver and everything works fine. If the generic driver is the only you have, then it works alright. It is when two drivers interfere problems arise. When the generic starts to load when not necessary…

Try using it extensively and you’ll probably see what I mean. :wink:
But of course there are various setups. I’m still pretty sure this is not a good driver.