Generic Controller does not read SOLO/MUTE

I assigned generic controls to SOLO and MUTE tracks
device:Mixer > category “track name” > value/action:solo

it won’t work when I push my controller (TouchOSC), but it will receive and reflect the MUTING when I use the mouse.
Is this a bug?


Are you sure you are sending the MIDI Data at channel 2? Are you sure you are sending MIDI Note 0 and MIDI Note 1?


I cannot reproduce. It works to me here.

I used the “MIDI learn” so the channels are OK.
I now found a problem in my Controller values in TouchOSC. I had the note-on on a range of 1-2 and changed to 0-127.
The MUTE gets triggered now.

Is it correct that for a toggle ON/OFF I have to create another entry for the note-off action?

Just a note: I got this working by setting the flags “Button” and “Toggle” for the Mute command in the lower menue.