Generic Editor: Numeric Input Not Fixed. TEN YEARS!

Seriously. This is one of those little details I use ALL the time (or rather would -like- to use all the time) and it -never- gets fixed. I KNOW it’s the easiest thing in the world to fix if someone will simply TAKE FIFTEEN MINUTES. But it NEVER gets addressed.

  1. Activate any non-Steinberg VST Insert Effect.

  2. Switch to Generic Editor Mode.

  3. Now… instead of using the blue slider to change the amount of any parameter, click on the number. You can now directly enter the numeric amount (as in any other numeric input).

  4. Type in yer number and hit .

  5. Watch the numeric value change to -infinity.


Look… for complicated plugs… the Generic Editor is FABULOUS. Save a TON of screen space and gets you right to business. No fannying about with elaborate graphics.

This has been broken for over 10 years. It’s not like some complicated ‘algorithm’. It’s just a data input field that doesn’t work like every other data input field in Cubase. So why NOT fix it? My only guess? IT’S NOT SEXY ENOUGH to warrant 15 minutes for the programmer.


You my need to supply more detail…

I have just tried the new ‘Frequency’ and the old ‘VSTDynamics’ plugins and both are retaining the setting I changed, after I hit Enter.

The only ‘detail’ one needs is to try (literally) -any- plug-in NOT included in Cubase.

And -no- to anticipate the next remark, this is NOT a 3rd party vendor issue. The generic editor input spec is baked into the VST plug-in API. I know this because I used to write plug-ins… the vendor has ZERO control over this. My only explanation is that SB has access to internal tools that 3rd party vendors do not.

SB… PLEASE fix this.

All the Steinberg plugs seem to do this fine.

EDIT…Beaten to it. You did say ANY plug in your repro steps hence the confusion.

Fine. Updated.

I -rarely- use the SB plugs. At the risk of sounding like some toff, frankly, I don’t know any other professionals who do and I never bother even testing them. But Waves, Slate, UAD, Soundtoys all have this annoying problem.

I’m afraid you just hit the nail on the head! :slight_smile: