Generic input key from computer keyboard

I have checked the docs but did not find any feature like this.
I would like to have a generic key that is not a note from A-G, let’s say X, that will input the selected note/height in the staff.


  1. No need to worry about which height Dorico may default to
  2. Same as above, but no need to adjust after Dorico enters the note
  3. Much easier for percussion writing as you don’t really think of notes, and sometimes have a sound selected and just want to enter it.

Example: Select the staff, use arrow keys to locate up/down and left/right and just press X and instant note input.


I think Y already does this, or have I misunderstood?

Oh, you are correct.
Thank you! I cannot see this in the docs, and I only tested left hand side keys which are the keys that make sense for this…
Since Y is a bit hard to use, is there any way to reassign this?
I cannot find this function in the Key command list; what’s its name?

From the summary, it looks like it’s Input Pitch, with a pitch parameter of X. I didn’t test changing it though.

Interesting. Mine is empty (although Y still works)

Where are you showing this from?
My screenshot is from the key command settings (which don’t even show the assigned key unless you select them… it would be nice to at least be able to search for the key name).

I haven’t customized any of these, but I was assuming you enter X the the “Parameter ‘Pitch’” box, then press the shortcut you want, but maybe that’s not how it works. If you click the Print Summary box it will take you to a screen with all the shortcuts, so that’s where I got that screenshot from.

Thank you very much.
I had misunderstood what you meant, but now I do.
I tried adding it and you don’t need the parameter X, just blank. It works.

There seems to be a bug.
If you try to reassign Y, it will tell you it is assigned to Note Input, but Note Input is a category and there is no way to find it as a field with Y assigned.

Another possible bug is that if you add a note with the “Input Pitch” parameter you gave me, it behaves almost like Y, but not exactly.
Y will always input the note I am in, while in my case my custom command (V) only does it sometimes, and sometimes it decides to go to the next beat without inputting anything for unknown reasons.

In the English factory keycommands file, the relevant command is line 857:

In your user keycommands file you could add a DELETE command for that, then manually add it into the file with whatever shortcut you want.

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OK, this I like. Thank you very much :smiley: !

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I wonder what the input parameter business is all about.

Yes, indeed me too.

Hi, sorry to be here again asking about this when I thought it was solved.
Is this supposed to work for Percussion only? or should it work for everything?
Then this is indeed not what I had in mind. I want to override the up/down changing staves, and always behave as a note selector.

I believe what Y does on a pitched instrument is input a note at the clef’s hot spot (so on a treble G clef staff, G4), but it will do this at the nearest octave to the last input note. Certainly Y was primarily intended for use on unpitched percussion, but you can use it on a pitched instrument if its current behaviour is useful to you.

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Thanks for the answer, and yes; This is the behavior I find now, and it is frankly disappointing it cannot be changed. I find myself having 2 completely different behaviors for types of instruments.
We should have a shortcut like Shift+Cmd+Up/Down for changing staves, and have the default behavior be the same as in unpitched, or similar.
Should I make new thread for this feature request?

You don’t need to make a new thread, your request is clear. Dorico doesn’t provide precisely the workflow you are asking for at the moment.

Thank you, it would be amazing if it can be added.

Just for your consideration: A good use case would be fast runs, for instance 10+ note scale ups or downs.
Much easier to press Down+Y 10 times than think of each note and do the required QWERTY gymnastics to accomplish it.

Thanks for all the help.