Generic low latency asio driver 6 ch. is available?

why restricted to 2channeks only when 6 ch is available ?
Davincy and vegas does than without any problems.
The Generic low latency asio driver is only the gateway to system driver ( in my case nvidia high definision audio) and it is set to 5.1. And everything works eccept
in Cubase.??!!

Hi and welcome to the forum,

I would try to use ASIO4ALL in this case.

Me too :wink:

Doesn’t work. Can’t findhardware supporting in installation.
Cubase can see it and 8 ch, but no connection to hardware , maybe a realtek driver.
My question was why not the generic low latency asio driver, which is the system audio driver.
When Davinci, Reaper and others can do it whitout any hassle. It seames cubase
dont connect and measures what the hardware i capable off, and then just gives an standart command.

The Direct Sound Surround Mapper can do it too, but cubase dont see it.
Vegas do.
It’s probably the dedicated HDMI for audio only to the reciever from the grafic card
that cubase don’t like.
It is the perfect way with Davinci realtime surround mixing via hometheater reciever in your livingroom.
Well I have an 8 ch. audiocard and can do it with that.