Generic Markers duplicated

i am using Generic markers, ( yellow ones ) :wink:
When i am opening wave file between wavelab 9 and SoundForgePro MAC 2.5, some of the markers in wavelab sometimes looks like they were doubled. But i can not seen them in wavelab 8.5 neither SoundForgeā€¦
i am on mac osx 10.10.5, wave file is 32bit float 44.100 k stereo.

The sounds is under copyright, can not be pasted hereā€¦ but when needed i could try to build an exampleā€¦



Really at the same place? Normally WaveLab get rid of duplicates.
If you work with other software, you might like to disable the last option there:

Not at the same place exactly, they are bit shifted like 20 ms or soā€¦


a 20 ms offset is not what I call ā€œat the same placeā€. Maybe you cut out some samples in the other app.

No cut !
There is the same named marker twice time, one of them is at right place secondary, shifted.

I have project with 150 markers or so, and randomly they are duplicated,
there is no obvious pattern to tell you how they multiply.

anyway, i will try to create example file. that will show the difference between wavelab 8.5 and 9.0

Have a nice day

Are they snapping to CD frames in one case and not the other, perhaps?