Generic Midi Contoller conflicting with Quick Controls

Have set up Midifighter Twister with Cubase as a generic midi controller. I have my Quick Controls set up to control things not available in generic remote editor (pre gain, lo cut on/off, freq, hi cut on/off, freq). I have successfully programmed all the buttons/knobs on Bank 1 of the midi controller and would like to program more knobs. When I switch to Bank 2 and do a “midi learn” all appears to be working properly:
Bank 1 knob twist produces: Midi Ch: 1 Address 0
Bank 2 knob twist produces: Midi Ch:1 Address 16

However, when I twist knob while in Bank 2, BOTH mapped knobs turn (in this case Cubase channel strip Pre Gain (quick control) and Magneto Saturation (midi cc)).

Anyway to correct this? Do Quick Controls use midi cc messages to communicate with Cubase?


Use any MIDI Monitor to double-check, what MIDI data does the Midifighter Twister really sends out, please.

Hi Martin, this is from MidiOx:


As far as I can see, it really sends 2 MIDI Messages, right?

I guess so? To clarify: The line that reads Bank 1 was recorded when I twisted the knob. Then I switched to Bank 2 and twisted the knob again and recorded the second line.

Data 2 was the amount I twisted the knob (all the way left 0, all the way right, 127). I just didn’t want to paste in a lot of repetitive info. as when I twisted the knob a large number of values were popping up. Does this make sense?


OK, I see.

Could you attach a screenshot of your Generic Remote and Quick Controls, to see the assignment, please?

I figured it out. I’ve always just used my CC121 to control quick controls and did not notice that the Track Quick Controls under Remote Devices was set the same “address” as the knobs I was programming. I changed them to higher values and now all is working as expected.

So to be clear: The CC121 is able to control quick controls WITHOUT having any sort of midi CC assignment. If you want to use a generic remote, however, you have to assign it values under Track Quick Controls for it to work. Here is where my conflict was.

Thank you again for your help Martin.


I would recommend to change the Track Quick Controls MIDI Input from All MIDI Inputs to the dedicated device.

Btw, why do you have so many Generic Remote Devices? Do you use specific MIDI Input for every single Generic Remote Device?

Hi Yes. I use Metagrid so that uses 3 generic remotes already. I have two I’m currently using and the others I disconnected but kept them there. I was playing with using Softube Console 1 to control the Cubase Channel Strip but it didn’t have enough knobs. The other 3 I was experimenting with setting up my latest controller, the Midi Fighter Twister. Still, I have very little desk space left! :nerd_face:

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You can assign to track quick controls, and vst quick controls within each Generic remote. I find that much easier to manage than setting the main quick control group to ‘All MIDI inputs’. Mainly because all the assignments for that one device appears in the same page.

The quick controls needs to be replaced by a system where you can manually link parameters to one a another without a physical touch or indicator. You should be able to customize midi parameters between plugins to in house midi knobs or controllers easily.

There’s a whole new MIDI API incoming, originally planned for C11, so should be with us for C11.5.

By all accounts it will fix a lot of the issues currently with the generic/quick mappings. Once your device is configured, anyway.

Hopefully. With Steinberg they are too smart sometimes for the easy stuff. Time will tell.

You’re not wrong on that point, if they kept to the basics they would have less unfinished ideas.

The VST instrument rack controls being a perfect example, you can map 8 parameters to a VST instrument, and they have pages, and you can re-order and name each parameter to suit - brilliant! :slight_smile:

…except, you can’t map to the page change control. So you need to use a mouse/scroll wheel on screen to move between parameters 1-8 through to 9-16 etc. I mean, how that has sat for so many years without a simple next/prev CC mapping is beyond me.

It’s getting that simple stuff right where they fall way too short. It’s no wonder get confused, or don’t use these features. Most people are unaware that 2 different quick controls even exist, or how they differ.

I have to admit, this is why I don’t use VCA faders (incompatibility between Cubase & Nuendo). I’m so used to the generic remote editor by now though. Anything would be an upgrade at this point! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: