generic remote and midi cc to external synth ?

hello !

how do i configure the remote generic so it sends CC 69 to a hard synth with a midi controller’s knob ?

i tried with quick controls also, no success.

Thx in advance !

You mean, a MIDI controller device that is different from the receiving hard synth?
It should work fine via Quick Controls :confused:

  1. Have you already configured Track Quick Controls (in the Device Setup Panel), for it to respond correctly to incoming MIDI data from your Controlling device? (i.e. the MIDI Input field at the top of the Track Quick Controls pane)
    let’s say you have set Slot #1 to respond to the desired MIDI Controller’s knob.
  2. Create MIDI track, routed to the hard synth.
  3. In the MIDI track’s Inspector, click in Slot #1 of Quick Controls, and, from the pop-up menu, navigate to the sub-folder, “All CC”.
    Open that sub-folder and select “CC 69”.
    It should now work :wink:.

(getting a capture…)

was in there…

for live i need to use an “ARRANGER TRACK”…

i can play it a lot, but the problem is i would like to record it like to “drop it” on my arrangrement.


dunno if i’m enough explicit, just want u help me.

(i know in 90’s we were doing it live without so much thinks… just a tape-IN)

You must bear in mind that Cubase has only one “timeline”, so that means, if you record onto a track, that track will jump according to the Arranger Track… which is not a problem if you are just using the Arranger track for “live”, by having each song as its own single Arranger Part, but if, on the other hand, a song itself is made up of several Arranger Parts (and not in strict chronological order), whenever that Arranger track “jumps”, you will unfortunately go out of Record mode (because the timeline is no longer continuous).
The only workaround for that, is to “flatten” the Arrangement… useless if you were hoping to change the Arrangement order “on the fly”.
So… apart from not being able to record, is the Remote working for you?
There is something in that screenshot that I don’t understand at all… the track “NL”, that you are controlling from your “BLO cutoff”, is a regular MIDI track, yes? If so, I just don’t get how you can have "“Tous les CC CC 74” as anavailable choice in the “Valeur/Action” column :confused: )
Could you post a screenshot of the available options there (i.e. the pop-up for “Valeur/Action”)

But have you tried the Remote method I suggested earlier? (i.e. not using the Generic Remote at all, but using Track Quick Controls). So long as you Write enable the Quick Controls pane, your movements will be recorded as automation.

I saw amazing thinks on youtube for example “how to control cubase with behringer X32”… that was ~ all automated !

so i took my DJ console i got in my little appart and assigned controls for … just to test.

(actually i’m not doing lives even at home.)

just taken a screenshot about my synths :

NL = nord lead on maudio UNO midi (midi channel 1,2,3,4)
MB arturia minibrute = maudio midi 2x2 anniversary
BLO = waldorf blofeld = focusrite Saffire pro 24 midi …
Emu ESI-4000 sampler = same midi than nord lead but channel 5,6,7…) maudio UNO midi… so.

it’s not easy to config all that, but i can sort it out :slight_smile:


i don’t like to use… TO ADD quickk controls on my midi tracks to assign them like the foirst screenshot…


i just cannot find the SEND TO MIDI CC 0…127 on this panel on last screenshot panel.

i can “work” with this ofc, but I DID NOT FOUND ASSIGN CC TO EXT MIDI in GENERIC CONSOLE , simply.

I was suggesting you use “Contrôles instantanées des pistes” [in English… “Track Quick Controls”] instead of trying to access Quick Control via “Périphérique générique 3”.

Exactly! It shouldn’t be there… that’s why I am confused about how you got it in your first screenshot. :confused: :slight_smile:

Hang on a minute! :bulb:
So, your DJ console (the ReLoop MACEA?) transmits midi anyways? (it would seem so, since it is the entry to the Generic Remote Device in your screenshot, and is apparently sending CC#s 54, 55, 59, 60 and 61… btw, you have applied CC#55 twice…to NL Cutoff and to BLO cutoff… it will work only on the first of those :wink: )
And… you are wanting your hard synth (NL?) to receive MIDI CC#s… so you don’t need the Generic Remote at all (nor Quick Controls :wink: )… you just need to record-enable the MIDI track…
Does your DJ console allow you to map different transmitting MIDI controllers to the knobs? If so, then perfect, the job is done. Otherwise, you can use the MIDI track’s Input Transformer, to convert up to four incoming MIDI CC#s to other MIDI CC#s (e.g. you can map the incoming CC#55 to become CC#69 :slight_smile:. )