Generic remote and stereo combined panner


Im trying to get the stereo combined panner mode, asign to a pair of knobs. But my options are limited in the generic remote setup.
Under standard panner, I only have pan left-right. And what should be the asignment for the other knob, only shows a, -

Under quick controls how ever, I get access to both pan controls.

Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

The quick control is a massive work around. And total waist of quick controls.

I have tried changing the global pan settings to see if it changed anything in the generic control setup, but no luck.

Im on windows 10, C9.5.1.


What category do you use in the Generic Remote Device, please?

Vst mixer, Selected, Standard panner.
I have set the main midi communication between my controller and cubase to, Controller and use T, R and P as flags.

There should be two options there.
Left-Rright And Left-Right2.

But instead it is just like half finished. Where I have option Left-R and -


I see, this is the “Panner -” bug. In the Automation, you have a “Stereo Panner - Left-Right” (which is the standard panner or the left side of the Combined panner) and “Stereo Panner - Left-Right2” (which is the right side of the Combined panner). In the Generic Remote Device, the Stereo Panner - Left-Right2 is missing.

Already reported as a bug.

Ok. Thanks.

Good to know it is reported.

Even if the text is blank in cubase, it does show as panY in the xml file. So it does get selected. PanX is the standard panner.

Well, hope it gets fixed in the next update.