Generic Remote And Track Preset Request

Hello! Would it be possible in a future update to have these features:

  1. In the generic remote section, to be able to rearrange the different commands that are created. I’ve been mapping my controller recently, and not being able to arrange the commands I create in a logical order is a bit frustrating. A sorting feature by clicking in the tabs would also be useful ( sort by name, by channel, etc. )

  2. Also, in the generic remote commands, it would be useful to add a command that acts as a modifier key ( shift, control, alt ).

  3. And finaly, automatic track preset search. The logic behind this is to assign a controller button to a macro or a command that searches for a preset or a vst instrument and loads it automatically. I happen to use some instruments a lot, and being able to load them simply with the touch of a button in my controller would be very useful in my workflow.

Thanks for reading and I hope my suggestions are taken into consideration ( and that I’ll see them in my next Cubase Artist update :slight_smile: )