generic remote and VST effect


I would control more than 8 midi CC for my Lexicon PCM Hall reverb, so I decided to use midi generic remote
but it doesn’t work, I don’t understand why. Could Somebody explain to me ?

I have an icontrols pro (ICON) I would to use the 9 faders and knobs.

But it seems to only track instant controls (8 CC controls max) works …


As far as I know, the iCon works with Mackie Control protocol. So these 9 faders sends 9 different Commands (PitchBend on a different MIDI Channel), so you can control 9 different parameters only. In the Mackie Control protocol, you can switch banks, and thanks to this you can control more Channels.

So I’m afraid it will not work as you want to.

But you could use your 9 faders + 8 knobs.

In general, the upper part of the Generic Remote define the message, by which you want to control (the MIDI message). In the lower table, you define, what do you want to control (the command).

Yes but I try to control not in mackie mode. I could have 4 different layouts on the icontrols.
On the first layout I programed ‘Mackie mode’ to control mix-consol of cubase, all is ok I can use all 9 faders + 9 knobs and change bank + tracks + MMC transport.
On the second layer , I program the surface to control CC numbers (fader 1 - CC 40, fader 2 - CC 41 etc … , knob 1 - CC 70, knob 2 -CC 71 etc …) so I expect to control with this ‘generic-remote’ the parameters of my lexicon in the insert 1 of a FX track. Is it possible out of the instant-remote-controls ? or should I use too ‘Mackie mode’ on the layer 2 ?

(I hope I 'm clear :confused: )

In the lower table I can’t find the ‘map’ of the lexicon controls (that I have in the instant-remote-control-tab)


You should be able to control these parameters also via Mackie Control, if the ICON has also knobs. All of these parameters accessable from the classic Mackie Control.

Or, to make the settings more universal, I would recommend to use Quick Controls rather than Generic Remote.

In the Generic Remote > lower part, set VST Mixer > dedicated Channel > Insert X, parameter Y.

Oh thanks, now I see to define my fader 9 in the lower table , but I just tried and only the 8 firsts controls work.

In the VSTi tracks we can change controls pages in the remote control but it seems that for VST effects we have only 8 parameters available …

You should be able to switch to another bank(s) to control other parameters of the VST effect.

Do you have an idea of such a parameter ? in the list of the CC from lexicon I couldn’t find …

On the Mackie Control hardware, there are Bank, and Channel buttons. Can you see such a buttons on your ICON device?

yes but they have no effect on the pages of the instant param, the mackie mode control only the mix console here.


On Mackie Control hardware, there is the PLUG-IN button. If you press this, you can list in the plug-ins of your tracks, then go into the plug-in, and set its parameter by using 8 rotary knobs.

is this (plug-in) button on your ICON device?

No … it’s a very simple controller but I like it very much, not too large and efficient :wink:

Then you cannot achieve to control plug-ins, unfortunately, from this controller.