Generic remote: assign one controler to multiple paramters


With a remote control I would like to enable/disable two inserts in the control room at the same time. One insert on control room (main speakers), the other on the phones (to make them mono for what it matters).

The most simpel way imho is to copy the midi controler and leave all midi settings the same (cc) and configure the corresponding parameter to the other insert. But this doesn’t seem to work. It looks like the generic remote configuration uses ‘first match wins’.

The operation manual is not conclusive. Is this the correct behaviour? Can the Remote Control Editor do assign one knob to multiple parameters? Must I look to the Project Logical Editor?



It is true that you can only assign a single CC to a single parameter, but (Steinberg never do things the easy way :wink: )… you can create as many Generic Remote Devices as you wish, and assign that same CC to a different parameter in a different GRD.

It was exceptionally informative.Thank you for this post.

I have to chime in… on a “meta Level”. Vic is one of my favourite Posters here. Always helpful, highly competent, friedly, Patient. An ideal helper.

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Thanks Vic! Verry good workaround!

+1 for Vic’s posts. Thank you, Vic!.