Generic Remote assignments disappeared

I’m using the Generic Remote for the first time (to use Metagrid which I discovered in a video Jono posted). Yesterday I set up about a half dozen commands in the lower table and they all seemed to be working fine - responding to the remote and performing the assigned actions. Today I went to use the remote and it didn’t work. I discovered that all of the entries I’d made in the 2nd column, Device, had changed from “Command” back to “Not Assigned.” The only thing that happened between working & not working was shutting down Cubase and the PC and then restarting them.

Any ideas on what would have caused me to loose the assignments? Reassigning a few settings isn’t a big deal, but I’d hate to loose a larger set.

Hi raino.

Did you export your generic remote setup?

For some reason you need to do this. Cubase seems to remember the last exported/ imported setup.

Since it’s possible to have many Generic Remote Maps, double check that you didn’t create more than one by accident, and are just looking at an empty one.

It also might be that whatever links you made in the map were for a plugin or track that’s not loaded yet?

For instance…say you built a link to move the Resonance Filter of a Retrologue instance, then later you open a project that doesn’t have Retrologue loaded, it doesn’t point anywhere until you load an instance of Retrologue…so it’s temporarily ‘unassigned’ (or it might show some odd series of numbers).

Same for tracks…say you bound things to automate the CuBase mixing console for 16 tracks…but you’ve only loaded 8 tracks…the second 8 will be unassigned until you make more tracks.

Note, if you use more than one instance of a plugin…those multiple plugin increments progress as well. I.E. You might have a CC bound to control resonance in the first instance of Retrologe, yet in the same map have a control bound to control cutoff in a second or third instance of Retrologue. So, if you’ve only got one instance loaded…stuff pointing to other instances will be unassigned until you load up more instances of Retrologue. If you have NO instances loaded, then it’ll all be unassigned until you load up the plugin.

Finally, it’s not a bad idea to export dated copies of your maps from time to time…particularly after making some pretty big changes. It’s not a bad idea to export a copy in the Project folder as well…because who knows what you might change when working with a different project? Or…what happens if you open the project a year from now, and want to be able to pick up where you left off…

As for needing to ‘export’ a map to solidify and remember the changes, I don’t find that to be the case for me. Clicking apply and OK is all I’ve needed to do…and these Device settings become part of my main DAW configuration…it does NOT save/load/change with individual projects…such settings stick with a particular CuBase configuration.

Maybe this video will help you?

Same thing happened to me.
But after exporting after every minor tweak it has not happened again :frowning: :slight_smile:

Ah this is what happened. And I now see the manual actually mentions this. I had assumed that like most device related stuff Cubase remembered setting changes. I hadn’t saved it yet because I’d intended on adding a bunch more entries, so I’d planned on saving when done. And what I’m seeing looks exactly like the original setup template that Metagrid provided. So Cubase was actually reloading that instead of forgetting my changes.

Well that’s an only one-time mistake.

Brian, your detailed posts about the Generic Remote really highlight the potential they provide. I’ve ignored them for years but see now they need exploring.

Thanks all