Generic Remote - change VST instrument presets

I have created a Generic remote so I can map the controls on my midi controller, I have got it working so I can navigate up and down tracks, however I would like to be able to move up and down the presets, I can’t seem to find where to set this on the Generic Remote Command list?


What exactly do you mean by “move up and down presets”, please? Do you mean switching between different plug-in’s presets?


No I mean the different patches (sounds) of the instrument.


What instrument do you use? Some of them can do this by using Program Change.

If presets of the instruments are not displayed In the Cubase’s preset list, I’m afraid, it will be not possible to do this. If presets are displayed here, it is maybye possible. I can check it tomorrow.

I thought that might be the case if they are not shown in Cubase’s preset list, I use some Native Insturments ones and also the ones that come with Cubase such as Monologue, Padshop etc.

Yes when setting up the generic remote, I couldn’t seem to find anything refering to programme changes.


I check it today.

I’m afraid, this is not possible. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use Quick Controls too.

The only one way is to use Program Change. Absynth can do this, FM8 too. Maybye some other can do this too.

ok thanks for checking for me anyway


It’s the most common use case for instruments, to browse the built in sound presets. It’s really amazing that it cant be done smoothly from a remote controller. Some uses midi, some keyboard and some mouse and combinations. And of course they dont use the same midi events or commands. Midi is old crap and nothing will do that better. It has it limitations. But it need to be there. Some plugins are emulations of old ones and they must respond to midi in the same way as the original. But steinberg is free to do changes in the way how plugins should and must handle other events.

Yes I know what you mean, if your trying out patches in a vst synth would be so much nicer to be able to swtich through them from a controller on a midi keyboard so you dont have to keep using the mouse.

I’m a software developer so might look at creating a utility to do it by emulating the mouse clicks, I’ll update here if I have any luck…