Generic Remote channel/category and value/action change bug

Hi, is anyone else experiencing this bug in Cubase 10.5.20?:

Ive created commands in generic remote to raise a VU meter plugin on a particular group channel to be triggered by lemur and my touchscreen. The only problem is that once everything is setup, connected, and working, the channel/category and value/action commands are changed to different commands whenever I add a new midi/audio/group track:

my process:
The controller is assigned to the proper address and set to Receive in the Flags column.
Control Name:Woodwinds Mix
Channel/Category: Woodwinds Mix(name of the group channel)
Value/Action:Ins. 16 VU Meter Stereo-set to edit(Location of insert and name of plugin set to edit when triggered.
Flags: Toggle

One everything is programmed, the plugin is triggered without any issues… HOWEVER, once I add a new midi/audio/group track to my project, the commands I just mentioned above are altered to a random channel/category and value/action
Anyone else come across this issue?

Hi and welcome,

The assignment is not done to the specific channel, it’s more to the channel slot.

So if you make the assignment to channel 2 Guitar and then you add another channel before (so the he 1st place), the channel Guitar will be moved to channel 3. And now you control channel 2, which is the original channel 1. So, it’s “slot” based.