Generic Remote Commands Missing in Midi Remote

I’m just setting up my MIDI controllers with the new MIDI Remote editor. It’s superb. So much better than the old system.

However - I’ve just got around to applying ‘Activate Count-In’ to a button - and it seems it’s no longer available as an assignment. I appreciate that I can just assign a key command for this function - but that won’t work with the LED being either on or off on my controller button, so that’ll be one more button with no visual feedback on the controller.

It may seem a small issue - but I’m really hoping that there aren’t too many more omissions like this in the new system. :frowning:

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Looks like I’ll still be using Generic Remote for some things for now.

From what I can see, there’s currently no per-channel control over Channel Strip or Inserts in the new Midi Remote. Those are quite serious ones, for me.


Yes same thing for inserts (On/bypass/edit…) of selected channel missing in the new “Midi Control” hope some update on this…


I am also missing a way to setup Direct Routing, which is quite a critical thing for me.
Will work around it with generic remote for now though, as I expect this to show up soon enough.
Just hoping it’s not a forgotten thing.

I use Lemur on an iPad and using Generic Remote I can monitor signal levels - like cue send levels and whatnot. I can’t see how to do that with the new MIDI remote.

I’d love to see all functionality from the Generic Remote eventually brought over to the new MIDI remote.

I’ve been using the Generic Remote for programming several functions. I noticed the announcement in the setup window that it will be discontinued, (when and why?) and that you’ll need to use the new “Midi Remote” setup window.

That’s okay with me. But I have setup a specific function to set the shuttle speed to a custom value (by programming a Midi CC number with a specific value). By using a midi remote controller I am able to program it so that the shuttle speed is variable, other than the standard speeds (1/8, 1/4, 1/2, 2x, 4x etc). This function is located in the Generic Remote by selecting “Transport > Device > shuttleSpeed”. I am unable to find this function in the new MIDI Remote setup. Has it been removed?