Generic Remote: Control of Channel Strip

The generic remote cannot control channel strip items (other than eq, which was implemented before the channel strip existed). It should be able to.

You can see from the way EQ is set up in generic remote that you should be able to control the other channel strip items, almost as though the ability is there in the background but it is not visible in the generic remote editor (look at how EQ parameters are named).
The remote control editor supported controllers (e.g. Mackie Control) can control the channel strip.
A channel strip is much more useful if it is always easily available from a remote controller.


The channel strip has much potential but seems underdeveloped.




Has this been fix in 9.5? +1000 if it wasn’t. I tried in cubase 9 Ai and Cubase Pro 8.5 and only the EQ is available. I was so looking forward to create that Console 1 type of workflow using my Behringer BCR2000. Aouch! Is there an alternative? Other than spending $500 for console 1. It’s pretty sad considering everything is already available right there in Cubase. I’m not a believer but i think I’m gonna pray tonight. lol

If you activate the strip modules they show up in the Generic Remote.

Hi Steve, you mean in Cubase 9.5? Cause i couln’t see them in 9 Ai and 8.5 Pro.


That does not apply for Pre-Gain, High-Cut, Low-Cut.

Yes, Assange_isNotNeo, Cubase Pro 9.5.

All functions should have key-command and remotes bindings! Full coverage!

Those are part of the Pre rack, not the strip. And of course, that’s an FR that’s been around for a while.

Please don’t hijack this thread, it’s about the strip, not the Pre. You have the FR about the Pre section also, so post there, or bump it to your hearts’ content.

If that gets implemented, it would have to be separate from the strip anyway, it must not be dependant on anything in the Strip. The EQ is placed there to facilitate moving it in the routing, so it’s an odd one, since it also appears in its own section, and it contains an iteration of the pregain filter section.

I’ll move this to General, seeing as the requested function does exist.

Actually, i was hoping to control the ch. pre the same way as the EQ etc, so is it available?

It’s funny, with all the whining (hello cubace :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: ) about having the PRE section in the GR, I could not find a single feature request that explicitly asked for that. So I made one. Plus one away!

Hey i wanted to say thanks for your help and that I’m really releaved this morning. Now let’s hope they add the Pre section as well.