Generic remote control. What workflow would you recommend?

Hi all and sorry if this question was already asked, I couldn’t find a suitable answer.

I wonder what’s the right workflow for my generic remote control. It’s got a lot of knobs, sliders and buttons and I can assign them CCs for everyone. For instance, I’m not sure whether I should use quick controls or learn CC funtion when I’m working with my virtual instruments (GA4, H5, TG3, Padshop, Retrologue). And what about EQ or mixer? Should I use templates, remote control editor, hardware presets of my GRC…? I’m a bit confused, what workflow would you recommend me, please?

Thanks in advance

Hey you,

you are asking one of the most complex questions I can think of. :slight_smile:

Well, it all depends on what you WANT to control with your Hardware Controller and so on your way of working.

What Controller do you use?

Well - you can control vst-Instruments (easy via Quick Controls, easy with templates of your Controller depending on the brand, complex and cumbersome via GenericRemote). You can also control the mixer and/or the selected channel - again depending on your Controller this can be easy (template, MCU-Protocoll, etc.) or complex (GenericRemote).
Finally there are the Quick controls- simple and working .

I would not recommend GenericRemote for a beginner in that area.

BR, Ernst