Generic Remote Detailed Documentation?


I’m currently struggling with trying to get my VDrums to remotely control some transport functions of Cubase. There are numerous options in the G/R setup and if brevity is the soul of wit, the these docs would win a Nobel Prize.

Is there a document some place which describes in detail the function/purpose of -every- parameter and option on those screens—and perhaps some tutorials. Specifically the Value/Action. Yeah, many of them are self-explanatory, but a LOT are not.

Also, any web sites/docs with ‘advanced’ tutorials?



Well, Ive been looking for that myself, and ended up writing down some interesting options on a sheet of paper, who knows, where it is at the moment...As I am using it since SX 3, fortunately I dont need the manual anymore for this…

You can assign a MIDI note sent from your VDrum pad to the startstop transport function. I`ve done that with a regular MIDI keyboard, should be the same.

  1. Connect you VDrum as MIDI IN in your Generic Remote setup.
  2. Select Fader 1 for example, activate LEARN and hit the desired pad.
  3. Cubase now should recognize the MIDI note, if not, add a MIDI track temporarily to your project and try again…
  4. In the lower window you can assign the function to FADER 1, in our case the MIDI note you played.
  5. In the DEVICE column select -> COMMAND,
  7. In VALUE/ACTION select -> STARTSTOP, then APPLY. Ready.

Now you can start and stop your project by hitting the same pad.
In the FLAGS column you can choose the behaviour of a button for example, push on and push off for example (Toggle) or activated when pushed.

Hope this clears it up a little. Good luck.



I guess what I’m looking for is a -complete- list of the VALUE/ACTION options.

eg. what’s the difference between ‘Record’ and ‘onRecord’? Lots like that.


I’d like that too, +1

Thanks for the support. This is one of those things, like LE… and PLE… and key commands… that never quite get -finished-. Used to drive me nuts. All these tantalising things that never get fleshed out enough to be nearly as useful for end users as they might be.


Yep, I am am tossing my hat into this topic too… It is a struggle to get this generic remote to do what you want… and precious little documentation. Hopefully this whole tool will be reworked to make it more user friendly.

some of the features dont even work properly with generic remote.

like NRPN Data Inc/Dec


Time to pay some attention to this! We have a new “Remote Control Editor”, but still no documentation on the Generic Remote available functions? Also, how about releasing the hardware controller SDK for 3rd party developers?

I know this is an old thread,but rather than get chastised for not doing a proper search,I have resurrected this thread.
I have done ALL of the above and still it does not work. I am using C6.0.5 build 557. The thing is,I have been using the Generic Remote feature to control Cubase SE 1.07 for about 6 yrs and I even tried importing the XML file in to Cubase 6 and it still does not work. I/we are getting ready to update all of our playback systems and I need to get this to work during our beta trials. I am currently using a Roland SPD5 to control Cubase during our live shows.

ANY help in getting this to work is REALLY APPRECIATED!!!


Okay. since no one has replied,would/could a moderator PLEASE state whether or not this function has simply been disabled so I don’t waste my time trying to get it to work? Please?