generic remote device creation

AI. 10.5. Mac
If you use this with a Faderport V2 2018 single fader… about making a generic remote and you use the learn function… and you select a button that you think is not used but
it turns out to be for something obscure… will it create or get rejected??? or will it overwrite the old function??What will happen??
any info on the V2 Faderport and this matter appreciated…I was thinking of making the Master button on the bottom into a (,) comma
that returns the cursor immediately to the beginning of the song for playback. What do you know??? and thanks

I tried for an hour to do a generic remote…no luck…all I did was delete lines … wtf… so much for intuitive…
It shows faders 1-16 and then pans and then sends…which one am I supposed to click??? the first line???
the instructions don’t make it clear…Cubase needs to overhaul this feature…

Hello 488,
I agree, I just set up a generic remote for some control room functionality and it was not intuitive and I could not succeed initially. I read the manual for it, then it was clear and easy. Take a look, it’s explained sort of well.

I found a good video…if anyone needs to know in the future…use the first line and change its name. If Cubase techs are watching this forum
might you review the gui for Generic Remote and make it better??