Generic Remote Devices Question

I wrote to SSL asking whether it was possible to permanently assign a given fader on their new DAW controller to a specific track in Cubase. For instance, if I had 4 VCA tracks in Cubase and always wanted to make the first four faders on the controller to be locked to those tracks, would it be possible? They wrote back and said “it might be possible using Cubase Generic Remote.” Could anyone confirm/explain this? I haven’t ever delved into the Cubase remote. Thanks much.


It depends, how do you structure your projects.

The Generic Remote doesn’t assign the MIDI Message to the specific fader, but it assigns it to the fader slot. That means, the MIDI message is assigned to fader 3 (for example) without knowing, which channel is at fader 3. If you reorder the channels, it will still be assigned to fader 3, it will not follow your channel.

So, if you use project template, the very same one for all project, this would work. But if your 4 VCAs are at different position in every single project, this won’t work.